Award Winning Bamboo Lattice Clothes

Thanh Xuan Do Presents The Bamboo Lattice Clothes

Thanh Xuan Do, the lead designer of the award winning work Bamboo lattice - Clothes by Thanh Xuan Do demonstrates, In Vietnam, we see the bamboo lattice technique in many products such as boats, furniture, chicken cages, lanterns... Bamboo lattice is strong, inexpensive, and easy to make. My vision is to create a resort wear fashion that is exciting and graceful, sophisticated and charming. I applied this bamboo lattice detail to some of my fashions by converting the raw, hard regular lattice to soft material. My designs combine tradition with modern form, the hardness of the lattice pattern and sand softness of fine fabrics. My focus is on form and details, bringing charm and feminineness to the wearer..

Award Winning Bamboo Lattice Clothes Images:


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